Easier use of automatic features on its machinery is the aim of the new iQblue connect system from Lemken.

The seed and cultivation specialist has developed iQblue as a simple, but a highly versatile retrofitting kit which converts existing technology into ‘smart’ machines for modern farming. Combined with tractor implement management (TIM), the device will allow many functions of purely mechanical implements to be automated and at the same time integrated into digital documentation.

TIM means the tractor’s work functions are triggered by the implement and operators need only a single iQblue connect module, which can be used with a range of implements. The module is connected to the tractor via its ISOBUS interface and also features GPS and a mobile data connection.

Data is transmitted via agrirouter, a cross-manufacturer platform for exchanging data between machines, farmers, contractors and software applications. Depending on the intended use, a sensor kit is permanently installed on the implement to record the required information and pass it on to the iQblue connect module. No further equipment is needed, as the tractor controls implement functions.

In the first available version of the application, the likes of a plough can be fitted with a sensor to determine its current working width, iQblue connect then calculates the target working width from the GPS position and transmits this information to the tractor to initiate the relevant adjustment of the working width ram. This is then adjusted via the tractor’s hydraulic system.

With semi-mounted cultivators, working depths can be detected by a sensor and the system can use working depth analysis from maps provided by the agrirouter to compare the actual and target data, subsequently sending a command to the tractor to adjust working depth.

Additional applications for a range of different implements are being planned.

Farmers only need a single, easily transferred iQblue connect module, which automatically adapts to the implement it is connected to at any given time.