Fendt's new 900 Vario large tractor series – which aim to set the standards in the top performance class – come with the aim of being tailored to the individual requirements of customers.

For the standard versions, though, there's an extensive connectivity package, while its the relatively low weight adds versatility to this long established series (which has now been eclipsed in size by Fendt's 1000 tractors).

Its five models – 930 Vario, 933 Vario, 936 Vario, 939 Vario and 942 Vario – sit in the power range of 296 to 415 hp, slotting neatly into the gap between the Fendt 800 Vario and the 1000 Vario.

However, the new top model, the Fendt 942 Vario, sees the 900-series venture beyond 400-hp for the first time. While the models are ideal for heavy tractive or pto work, they are also suitable for transport at up to 60 km/h.

A low unladen weight of 11.7 tonnes and the integrated VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system makes makes it ideal for work as a low ground pressure prime mover, but with high tractive power.

All models come equipped with an all-new MAN six-cylinder engine specifically designed for Fendt, with a cubic capacity of nine litres and turbocharger with variable turbine geometry.

The Fendt iD low speed concept, which is geared towards utilising its high power reserves, is used for the first time. The nominal engine speed is 1700 rpm, while at idling, it drops to 650 rpm to save fuel.

This allows the tractors to reach a top speed of 60 km/h at just 1450 rpm, 50 km/h at 1200 rpm, and at 40 km/h the engine speed is just 950 rpm. Massive torque of up to 1970 Nm is achieved at just 1100 rpm on the top-end Fendt 942 Vario.

The driveline distributes torque dynamically over the front and rear axle, depending on the ground conditions as the front axle is driven separately. This decoupling of the rear and front axle avoids tension on the road and on bends and allows full traction in the field, said Fendt.

Helping meet the Stage V (EU) emissions standards are a diesel oxidation catalyst, a diesel particulate filter and SCR.

The driver's workplace is now the 'Fendt Life Cab' which comes with a whole host of connectivity features. Even with its basic 'ready' telemetry package, it has all the hardware most will need to capture and send on the data for a variety of new services.

Fendt Connect forms the central telemetry system from AGCO’s Fuse smart farming portfolio for analysing and managing machine use. It reads, stores and evaluates machine data, sending data via the mobile network. This information helps owners to manage and optimise machine settings.

As well as details about the machine's position, it also collects extensive CAN bus data from the tractor, allowing retrieval of a wide range of information, including a map view showing the position and driving route of the tractor, fuel consumption, speed and working time of the machine, as well as machine use.

With owner consent, dealers can also access the machine data to get an overview of upcoming service intervals and reading error codes to make predictive maintenance possible.

Smart Connect is a new service for the driver. This connects an iPad via the machine's internal WiFi, recording machine parameters, such as the tractor position, the worked area, speed, fuel consumption and engine load, straight into the tablet during use. It is standard on all ProfiPlus models.

As well as offering a variety of different tyre combinations, there is also a 60-inch track variant for the new series. Up front, the axle design has maintenance-free double wishbone axles which have hydropneumatic single-wheel suspension.

The VarioGrip tyre pressure regulation system, is also available as an option for the new 900s, but what is new is that you can also adjust the tyre pressure for twin tyres from the comfort of the cab.

The modular hydraulic system has two load-sensing pumps with 165 or 220 litres of flow capacity, but if more is needed an optional high-performance 430 l/min, with two independent circuits, can be specified.

An infotainment system offered as an option, giving a proper hands-free speaking system using eight inter-communicating microphones integrated into the sunroof, suppressing interference and making speech clearer.

ISOBUS attachments are intuitively controlled on the Varioterminal and with tractor implement management (TIM), the settings of the tractor and attachment optimise themselves to increase the productivity of a machine combination.

Similarly, there is smart headland management with just one push of a button to activate the sequence, which uses a combination of VariotronicTI automatic and the VarioGuide tracking system to activate it.

Other driver aids include new electrically adjustable rear and wide angle mirrors, while a mirror heater is an option.

As well as the conventional locking system with a key, the new series will also be offered with a safety locking system and combined immobiliser. This uses a coded key is for the cab door, ignition lock, bonnet and fuel tank and is unique for each vehicle.

* Mirrors, lighting and better hazard lights are also now part of the upgraded Fendt 1000 tractors, as is an encoded key for the door, ignition, bonnet and diesel tank, plus the infotainment package.

* The tracked Fendt 900 Vario MT now comes with the joystick with the 10.4-inch terminal, which among other things can handle headland sequences.

There are also two new control options for hydraulic valves, offering added hydraulic functions, said Fendt.