THE jostling for power at the top of the tractor market is continuing unabated with Kubota announcing the launch of its M7003 series, which will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2020.

This third generation tractor – representing the Japanese manufacturer's biggest range – has been fast-tracked to capitalise on recent advancements in technology and the success of the M7002. New technology has been developed to address the increasing focus on sustainability as well as the need for machines which serve the demands of the modern farmer, said a spokesman.

The M7003s will feature the latest stage V Kubota engine which will increase both efficiency and reliability across three models with 130hp, 150hp and 170hp max-ratings at 1900 rpm. That's an additional 5-20hp power boost, depending on the model.

This latest engine package includes DPF and SCR technology to reduce NOx emissions. The engine also has an extended cleaning interval of the DPF from 3000 hours to 6000 hours to improve maintenance performance.

As before, they will be available with two types of transmissions, Kubota's take on a continuously variable (KVT) system and Powershift. The Powershift model comes with a new feature called Xpress restart, which controls the master clutch directly through brake pedal activation. This means the driver can stop the tractor without using the clutch pedal, which is a useful feature when using a front loader.

The new range also gets a hydraulic power steering system with multi-speed steering control, which can be set according to tractor application and speed requirement, increasing the general manoeuvrability of the machine and is said to give the operator easier control.

The new tractor implement management (TIM) technology is a bi-directional communication which allows the implement to control tractor functions automatically, allowing for a more efficient use of tractor/implement combinations.

A 'swap valve' function is available on all K monitors 7-inch and Pro 12-inch installed on the M7003. This allows full synchronisation between fingertip/joystick and colour-coded valves on the rear.

There are also automatic air conditioning and electric heated mirrors available as an option; plus three different levels of light configuration, including full LEDs.

Mel McGlinchey, vice-president of marketing for Kubota's tractor business in Europe, said: “The M7003 series builds on the success of its predecessor, the M7002, and reaches a new, high-level of performance at all times.

"It uses recent advancements in technology to further increase the sustainability and performance of the engine, and improve manoeuvrability and efficiency.”