A complete deep-soil cultivation solution – that's how McConnel views its popular one-pass stubble cultivator, the Discaerator, which now has new 'leg' protection fitted.

With four sizes available – 3m, 4m, 5m and 6m working widths – this proven system sees the smallest model as the most popular size, according to McConnel. In Scotland, this sees the handily sized tractors of around 160hp able to handle it, rather than the 250hp minimum needed for the trailed version of one metre wider.

The Discaerator incorporates surface trash and stubble, heaves and aerates soil, and breaks up the ground for a weather-proof finish, with McConnel’s world-renowned low-draught legs the secret to reducing horsepower requirement and saving on fuel costs, These have new gas-strut, break-back legs to protect the machine in heavy or rocky ground.

This system allows the legs to break back if an obstacle is encountered, moving in a backwards arc of 50° and allowing obstacles to pass without damage to the machine.

All legs are fully independent, protecting the machine if multiple legs break away simultaneously, while a fast-acting auto-reset feature automatically resets the legs to the working position without any need for operator input.

There's a choice of leg configurations which can work soil down to a depth of 400mm, while above it, two rows of 500mm diameter concave, serrated discs set at opposing angles chop crop residues and cultivate the surface leaving a fine tilth. Each disc is mounted to the frame with shock-absorbing brackets for extra durability.

It can also come with an optional radar-controlled seeding unit for the likes of oil seed rape for single pass sowing, while a large 600mm diameter ridge packer breaks down clods and consolidates the surface into a weather-proof finish.

All leg shanks, points and shins are made from high-strength cast steel which has been subjected to a special heat-treatment, while sealed bearings in the disc assemblies ensure maximum durability and maintenance to a minimum.