A new control system platform for its extensive loader range has been launched by specialist maker, Quicke.

All-new valves, joysticks and multi-couplings will allow fitment to a full range of loaders, from the simple and cost-efficient mechanical loader control, QM-command, to the ergonomic QE-command, with a new electronic joystick.

Under the all-embracing Quicke Control System (QCS) this has all been developed in-house and the QE-command set-up at the top end is a new electronic control joystick designed to operate all loader functions. Combined with a three-section valve, a rocker switch gives an independent and proportional third service.

'Live3' Q-companion is a driver support system that includes load weighing which can be integrated with the QE-command joystick. QE-command and Q-companion have advanced control system features and allows for settings and instructions on the included colour display. This will also form a platform for future software updates where active loader functions will be introduced.

The multi-couplings for the loader are available in four or six-port configuration and have an integrated electrical connector. The couplings have been increased in size for lower losses, quicker cycle times and savings on fuel.

On the couplings, the dust protection lids open and close automatically, and the couplings are connectable under full working pressure.

The company has also launched a new generation of buckets categorised into three types – soil, general and volume. Fitting hooks are either welded or bolted to the bucket, and the new bucket range comes with a big selection of types to fit a range of machines.