A HEAVY duty tined harrow will be part of the launch team from Väderstad at the forthcoming Agritechnica show in Germany.

The NZ Extreme 1250-1425 will be available in selected markets in 2020, with full production starting in 2021. Väderstad said the 12.5m to 14.25m machines will set new standards for field performance and deliver agronomic benefits.

Design focus has been largely on the tines of the new heavy-duty harrow. An intense vibrating tine action, combined with extreme stiffness and durability that is capable of crushing clods, is the mainstay of how it works. Systems are in place, too, to ensure that it can maintain an exact depth when working.

The NZ Extreme is built from a five section frame, with an innovative weight transfer, ingenious wheel setup and heavy machine design.

Väderstad will also launch its innovative Tempo WideLining system at Agritechnica, with the technology being available on its versatile high speed precision planter, the Tempo V 6-12 from the second half of 2020.

This will make it the world’s first tramlining system, which enables farmers to spread liquid manure in a standing silage maize crop, without compromising yield potential.

Instead of shutting off row units to create tramlines, WideLining automatically changes the row spacing on the planter hydraulically to create two 1050mm tyre tracks, thereby ensuring all row units plant at full capacity. The row spacing between the tyre tracks go from 75-600mm.

WideLining is fully automatic and integrated in the iPad-based control system Väderstad E-Control. When the function is activated, the machine will calculate the field and automatically adjust the row units to create tramlines based on the working width of the liquid manure spreader.

How it will work in practise, for example, is establishing silage maize with an eight-row planter and using a liquid manure spreader with 18m working width, the drill should plant 8.3% more seeds in the field, compared to alternative technology available on the market.

A new central-fill function is also now an option for the high speed Väderstad V6 Tempo L to increase capacity to what is already a world-record-holding drilling machine. It will be on show for the first time at Agritechnica 2019, with 12-24 row unit versions –Tempo L 12, Tempo L 16, Tempo L 18 and Tempo L 24 – available on the market early 2021.

Central-fill functionality means that instead of filling seed in each of the row units, the operator will only have to fill one large central 3000 litre seed hopper. This feature works as a pressurised system, constantly feeding the seed meters.