A new entry level fixed chamber round baler, the Rollant 520, is being launched by Claas for 2020.

Producing a 1.25m diameter bale by 1.2m wide, the 520 features a new roller concept, optimised chain lubrication and has 'contemporary' looks. Buyers can upgrade by adding a chopping system, feed rotor and/or assister feed rake as options.

The new roller design has 16 rollers in all in the chamber, eight of which are made from 3mm thick sheet steel, and the other eight from 4mm thick sheet steel, and the ribbed profile of the rollers gives positive rotation of the bale, even when things are wet.

Storage and power transmission functions are performed by the lateral stub shafts. These are flanged onto the roller body, and can be individually replaced if necessary, like the rollers themselves. This construction has filtered down from the Rollant 620 and 540 to this basic model.

Drive to the baling rollers comes from both sides, with the rotor, main drive and tailgate rollers all fitted with Zubakki one-inch drive chains. Chain lubricating comes from a four-litre tank with an adjustable eccentric pump and this is not tied to throughput, with the oil distributed as needed on the chain link pivot points.

Baling pressure control is via the tailgate closing rams and for maximum bale density, pressure of up to 150 bar can be applied to these rams. For an even tighter compression, the MPS II system – where three of the compression rollers pivot into the chamber for additional bale compaction – also gives earlier bale rotation and a more uniform bale shape.

Crop flow on the 520 is available in a number of variants – the Rotocut chopping system, the Rotofeed intake rotor, and a variant with assister feed rake. The crop is picked up with a 2.10m wide controlled pick-up (1.85m with assister feed rake) and a crop guard is available as an option.

Two lateral feed augers assist the crop material into the intake rotor. The optional chopping mechanism has 14 knives, with a theoretical cut length of 70 mm. These knives have individual protection against foreign objects.

There's a choice of net or twine wrapping, with no tools required to change the wrapping mode. A ramp on the right side of the machine simplifies the process of loading the wrapping system, and a spare roll of either film or net can also be carried there.

The baler is operated using the simple Claas 'Operator' terminal.