FOUR models make up Krone's new range of compact and high capacity round balers, designated the Comprima Plus series.

These include the solo Comprima F 155 XC Plus (with the proven semi-variable chamber for 1.25-1.5m diameter bales) and the Comprima V 150 XC Plus model, which has a variable chamber for 1-1.5m bales). There's also a combined baler wrapper version for each model.

The combination baler wrappers have twin dispensers which orbit around the bale at 36rpm for shorter wrapping cycles. Bale transfer to the wrapping table uses the assistance of a bale lifter.

On the table – which uses tubes and chains – the bale is rolled for optimum wrapping and the machine can store up to 12 film rolls in protected compartments.

The balers have a camless pick-up and five wavy rows of helical tines designed to evenly distribute material across the full width of the feed chamber and to the XCut rotor cutter.

A precision cutting system is available with either 17 or 26 blades, with cutting lengths of 42mm and 64mm. For maximum crop flexibility they can be selected in knife groupings of 17/8/9/0 and 26/13/13/0, respectively. The rotor is made from extra tempered steel with a hard wearing edge on the cutting system for durability.

Bale starting comes via Novogrip belts and heavy duty chains and sprockets keep the bale roll going. The variable chamber models also now feature electric density control, which allows operators to adjust the bale density from the cab.

Additional LED lights help operators monitor the wrapper and the net application while working, with other LEDs under panels make servicing easier also. Automatic oil and grease lubrication is standard specification on the balers and all Comprima Plus machines can either take film or net wrapping. A weighing system is available for the CF and CV models.

New tyre versions of up to size 500/60 22.5-inches keep things going in wet weather and Krone's DS500 control unit, or the CCI ISOBUS terminals are optional.

Standard, though, is the TIM tractor implement management system, which reduces operator stress by automating such functions as opening and closing the rear door.