KUHN has re-launched its multi-disc system (MDS) fertiliser spreaders with a range of machines offering increased spreading width and greater hopper capacities than earlier models.

The MDS 8.2, 14.2, 18.2 and 20.2 all have the capability of spreading quality fertiliser reliably from 10-24m when fitted with the newly developed M2 discs. They come with either hydraulic or electric rate control, or they can be used with Quantron A electronic control for automatic groundspeed related application rate adjustment and GPS compatibility.

Maximum hopper capacity on the MDS 8.2 is 800 litres and rises to 2000 litres on the MDS 20.2 with the largest extension fitted.

Individual control of right and left hand discs allows half width spreading as standard on all models. Application rate is set quickly and easily through the proportional adjustment of patented graduated plates, which are positioned at the front of the machine to be easily visible from the tractor cab. With rates as low as 3kg/ha possible, they can also apply seeds and slug pellets, and can be adapted to apply fertiliser for specialist crops, normal spreading or late top dressing.

Border spreading to left or right is a standard feature via the adjustment of vanes or can be achieved with the in-cab monitored Telimat deflectors.

They have a maintenance-free gearbox (first oil change is recommended after 10 years) and there is wear resistant material fitted the hopper bottom, valves, discs, vanes, border spreading limiters and pivot pins.

The smaller MDS 8.2 and 14.2 models are designed with narrow hopper widths (1.08m and 1.4m respectively), making them more practical for use in orchards and vineyards. Spreading mode can be adapted to apply only in cultivated rows in these situations.

The basic machines range from £5783 to £5892.