GIVEN the wet year we’ve had in Scotland, tyre choice has been a ‘big thing’ and well-known South-west Scotland contracting business, RG Contracting, is moving its entire fleet onto Michelin XeoBib agricultural tyres.

This decision came after owner, Russell Gaw, was hugely impressed with them when specified on nine new John Deere tractors.

This business spends a lot of time transferring heavy silage and slurry machinery from its Port William base, in Dumfries and Galloway, to sites as far north as Angus and Fife – 200 miles away.

Looking for a tyre that was both durable on the road and effective in the field, Mr Gaw specified the Michelin Ultraflex Technology tyres on nine new John Deere 6145R, 6175R and 6195R tractors – selecting 710/60 R42 and 600/60 R30 XeoBib fitments recommended by dealer, J and S Montgomery.

“The tyres have been very good since day one,” said Mr Gaw. “We do a lot of road work and obviously we’re out in the field a lot as well, and they have been excellent for both aspects of our operation.

“It’s the reliability of the tyre that we’re looking for when we’re out on the road, because we’re pulling slurry tankers and heavy machinery over big distances. They’ve got to have strong sidewalls to stand up to any potential damage and these do the job very well indeed.”

The XeoBibs are designed for tractors of 120-220hp and benefit from a large footprint which helps to reduce compaction with less rut formation. The tyre is also designed to be more fuel and time-efficient, reducing slippage to ensure more traction on soft ground than conventional tyres.

On the road, the XeoBibs have vibration technology, which is important for safe high-speed road transport.

Mr Gaw is now planning to transfer his entire 16-strong tractor fleet to Michelin XeoBibs. “Currently, we use a variety of different tyre brands, but we will make sure we get XeoBib tyres on all of the remaining tractors as well. They have lasted and performed so much better than the rest.”