SPECIALIST equipment manufacturer, SlurryKat, has launched a new Duo (dual purpose) Dribblebar range ahead of this year’s upcoming umbilical season.

With the threat looming of the all-out ban on splash plates imminent, there's a greater focus on alternative spreading methods and the dribblebar is one of the most cost effective options, said the Irish company.

To meet expected demand, it has developed 10m and 12m vertical folding dribblebars which can be either tanker mounted, or used on an existing umbilical system.

These have been tried and tested within SlurryKat's in house contracting division, where it was put through its paces in various conditions and terrain. This hands on product development has led to features such as a lower, heavy duty frame height to maximise rear visibility when using an umbilical set up.

This frame is capable of carrying the SlurryKat's latest Bak Pak Reeler system, which has also been redesigned to now carry up to 1200m of five-inch hose. On it, the dribblebar arms fold vertical initially with the outside section hydraulically folding backwards and down in order to keep transport height to a minimum.

When in operation, the arms fold down and out to working position and are further supported for use in rough terrain. As usual, it has a Vogelsang macerator, complete with stone trap, and there's a twin macerator option available on the 12m model.

SlurryKat CEO, Garth Cairns, commented: “For the incoming 2020 slurry season we have redeveloped and dramatically enhanced all our spreading technology range of dribble bars and trailing shoes. These two new duo dribble bars, 10 and 12m models offer totally unrivalled field performance to any of the competitors units on the market.

"We have made a significant development investment in these units so we can provide users of the units performance that is previously unseen on hills and slopes which is head and shoulders above the competition and I am pleased to now be able offer the market this new advanced technology.”