A new range of more powerful, stepless transmission tractors will be represented by the top model in a new-look line-up making its UK debut on the Argo Tractors McCormick stand.

The McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive, with up to 230hp for draft work and 240hp for pto-driven implements, and road transport, is the most powerful model in the latest X7 Series, which also features lower running costs.

Adrian Winnett, managing director of Argo Tractors operations in the UK and Ireland, said: “The push for more performance is relentless so Argo Tractors has taken the opportunity when switching to Stage V emissions-compliant engines to introduce more powerful VT-Drive models to the McCormick range.

“Our previous CVT models in the X7 Series peaked a 195hp; with the X7.624 VT-Drive they go to 240hp, giving farmers and contractors a very powerful but versatile package with all the performance and driver-comfort attributes of a stepless transmission.”

The range comprises of the X7.620 VT-Drive with 185hp draft power and 195hp for transport etc, while the X7.621 VT-Drive serves up 200hp and 201hp and the X7.623 VT-Drive puts 215hp and 225hp.

Betapower 6.7-litre engines, made by FPT, are supported stress-free in a cast iron front chassis that also provides front-end weight for optimum traction, and Stage V emissions compliance is achieved through a revised SCR AdBlue injection system working in combination with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) – no DPF is required.

The latest-spec’ engines also feature optimised fuel filters and a more comprehensive oil filtration system, which together with a new engine oil specification has allowed service intervals to be doubled from 600 hours to 1200 hours, making a significant contribution to reduced running costs.

Power and torque from the McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive tractor’s higher output engines are channelled through the new ZF Terramatic TMT20 transmission.

This uses four planetary gear sets, wet clutches and hydraulic speed variation to provide the finest possible seamless ground speed adjustment, with high levels of mechanical efficiency across the zero to 50kph envelope.

Four working speed bands can be set by the operator through the 12in Data Screen Manager display in the cab, and manual control is available through the accelerator pedal and Easy Pilot proportional controller.

Heavier duty rear axle and power take-off assemblies handle the higher power and torque outputs, and a four-speed pto package with ‘power’ and ‘economy’ 540rpm and 1000rpm gearing, contributes to the tractor’s impressive performance and fuel-economy credentials.

On the seat-mounted control console of these Premium specification tractors, the unique ‘MySwitch’ concept of a single button on the Easy Pilot hand controller that can operate four different tasks has been extended with a further four to which operators can allocate various hydraulic and other functions as they see fit.

New headland management control features include dedicated command buttons on the armrest console for quick and easy access to record, edit or engage previously-recorded automatic tractor and implement control sequences for different implements.

This system is designed to minimise the operator’s workload during headland turns; and so is McCormick Easy Steer, which reduces by up to half the number of steering wheel turns needed to go from lock to lock.