Stocks Ag – a UK specialist manufacturer of pneumatic applicators for granular and microgranular products, plus small seeds – is using LAMMA to launch a new 12-outlet model at the head of its flagship Turbo Jet line-up.

Joining the existing 8 and 10-outlet models, the new biggie incorporates a number of features already established on existing Turbo Jet models, plus new innovations.

The Turbo Jet 12 has a new hopper arrangement, comprising two 150-litre, or two 250-litre hoppers, providing respective combined capacities of 300/500 litres. Independent metering units deliver product from the twin hoppers.

A large pressure-balancing chamber situated before the product metering and delivery chamber balances the air pressure created by the fan, to ensure it applies an even force. Larger internal metering and delivery chambers are identically matched to the internal diameter of the flexible hose that connects them, thus eliminating both pressure fluctuations and the product stall points they can cause. This is combined with reduced internal resistance to allow a greater volume of air delivery.

A new manifold with push-fit pipe fittings eases access should it be required.

A fan bias feature allows the operator to adjust the air flow to ensure it remains even and consistent across the wider working width of the machine, while a factory-installed twin fan option produces increased air flow for handling denser products or targeting wider spread widths.

Operators benefit from an easy-fill neck, with a new swivelling hopper extension meaning the neck ring is the same diameter as that used on the established Turbo Jet models.

A new controller, designed specifically for independent twin metering, enables simultaneous application according to two variable-rate maps. Variable rate capability is standard from the factory, while coverage/as-applied mapping is also standard, as is integral EGNOS-based GPS.