ATVs were the most commonly targeted items on farms by criminals last year, accounting for £2.3m of claims to the insurer NFU Mutual.

Some 69% of farmers and rural-specific business owners have been a victim of crime over the past year.

Honda's counter to this is its Datatool TrakKing Adventure system which it installs on every new ATV and Pioneer UTV and while it comes ready fitted and free, the only cost is a monthly subscription to activate the device of £9.95 per month.

Once in use, it activates automatically when the vehicle is stationary and monitors it for signs of unauthorised activity. If movement is detected, it will send out an SMS to owners.

If you confirm that you think a theft is taking place, TrakKING Adventure will enter alert mode and notify both a dedicated vehicle monitoring team and the Police.

It can be easily managed from your smartphone and free iOS and Android apps allow you to remotely access your account, and to locate your vehicle at any time.

It also includes a sensitive 3-D accelerometer which can detect the difference between a fall on the road and a high-speed impact. SMS notifications can be sent to emergency contacts in the event of a detectable impact.

It also has a waterproof casing design and ultra-low current draw (0.4ma) to minimise battery drain.