THE GROWING influence of Kubota in the Kverneland range is evident in a raft of new machinery being launched this week.

Fixed and variable chamber fully badged up Kubota balers on the market include one fixed chamber and two variable chamber models, plus a FlexiWrap baler-wrapper combination that heads up the range.

The fixed chamber BF3255 has Superfeed and 14-knife Supercut variations, producing bales measuring 1.20 x 1.25m, while the variable chamber BV models bring enhanced technology, with drop floor and PowerBind net application.

Using a drop floor mechanism suspended on a parallelogram linkage, means the BV models can now offer shorter unblocking times from improved clearance at the front of the baler – the area most at risk of blockage.

The BV5160 and BV5200 produce bales with diameters of up to 1.65m and 2m, respectively. Models use five endless belts, while a closed chamber system affords immediate bale starting.

All Kubota round balers are equipped with PowerBind, which eliminates the need for feed-in rollers. It is a tying system that has been engineered to avoid interference from external factors such as windy weather and crop types.

Net is injected directly into the bale chamber using the PowerBind arm, which maintains net tension at all times and delivers repeatable accuracy with consistent net injection. Its operation starts when the bale is 90% complete, as the PowerBind arm moves forward, in preparation to inject net. This functionality adds to reliability and productivity, simply by eliminating time the bale might need to pick up the net.

As a result, it produces one of the fastest net wrapping processes available, which means less time is spent tying and more time spent baling.

The FlexiWrap baler-wrapper combination is based on a BV5160 mounted on a twin axle chassis with a twin-satellite wrapper. During operation, the wrapping table moves up to the rear of the baler to collect the bale, allowing baling to continue while the wrapper seals in forage quality. As wrapping is completed, the table tilts rearwards to create a low unloading height.

Another brand, Vicon, has strengthened its round baler line-up range with the introduction of an all-new, high capacity fixed chamber baler. Engineered for use in heavy silage conditions the FixBale 500 incorporates an 18-roller bale chamber – up from 17 rollers in previous models – with two rollers located in the base of the chamber to give additional support with heavy, wet silage bales.

Bale density is managed by a new hydraulic density system, designed to ensure consistent bale quality in all conditions. A new 2.3m wide pick-up, designated XL+ has also been introduced and incorporates an extensive series of upgrades over previous Vicon pickups.

An extra tine has been added on either side, increasing the working width by 10cm and the new five-bar tine reel incorporates a cam track located at both ends, while each tine bar is supported on four bearings. Tine length has been increased by 10mm and the gap between the stripper plates has been reduced for better performance in wet crops.

Capacity has been increased with the introduction of a new larger diameter intake rotor, along with a revised drop floor system.

One of the few carry-over items from the existing range of Vicon balers is the well proven PowerBind net injection system to provide consistent and reliable net application. This mechanism accurately places the tail of net directly into the bale chamber, without relying on traditional feed rollers or the use of gravity.

The FixBale 500 incorporates heavy-duty bale chamber rollers and driveline components developed for the FastBale non-stop baler wrapper. This includes a split driveline, while the bale chamber and rotor feature 1¼-inch pitch drive chains. Chamber rollers all run on 50mm diameter bearings, with double-row roller bearings used on all main load points.

The FixBale 500 is priced from £37,428, and is available with 15 or 25 knife SuperCut pre-chopping systems, and comes equipped as standard with automatic chain lubrication and auto-greasing.

Those needing big mowing capacity have another option to choose from Kverneland’s portfolio. The 5387MT is a heavy-duty butterfly mower conditioner, that offers an 8.75m working width.

This latest version uses the QuattroLink suspension system, which sees each 3.2m rear mowing unit carried with four suspension arms located onto a fixed beam. This means that each centrally mounted mower bed can float independent of the main frame to respond quickly and accurately to changes in ground contours.

QuattroLink affords 700mm of vertical movement and also 30-degrees of transverse oscillation, while maintaining a constant ground pressure during work. This new system has been designed to provide increased mower bed stability at higher forward speeds, ensuring a clean cut with an even stubble height.

A further advantage of QuattroLink is its 100% safety breakaway function, which sees the mower bed move simultaneously backwards and upwards to clear an obstacle.

Semi-swing steel conditioning tines and an adjustable conditioner plate. Wide spreading vanes and swath plates are fitted as standard, and the unit folds vertically, beyond 90-degrees for transport.

Suitable for tractors with a minimum of 180hp, the 5387MT can be used with mechanical controls, or the optional ComfortControl joystick.