HOME-BRED post hitter manufacturer, Bryce Scotland, has a new, basic post driver on the market.

The latest HD2 RS model, as the name suggests, has a 95mm rock spike fitted. Aimed at the farmer-user market, it is built to the same heavy-duty specification as the rest of Bryce's machines and it complements existing higher spec’ models.

It still has a decent spec’ sheet, though. It has an auto tele mast in which the hammer travels full length of mast, without requiring any mechanical or manual adjustment. It also has dual mast lubrication.

A forged carbon steel post cap is also standard and there’s adjustable wear pads on the sideshift. An emergency clamshell release also means the rock spike can be easily separated from post driver if it is ever lodged in the ground.

To add versatility, there’s an eight-tonne extractor cylinder (depending on the hydraulics of the tractor).

The Scottish-built range has experienced a lift in overseas demand in recent months. Andrew Bryce told The SF: “Customers from overseas are constantly returning and reordering our machines. They always cite our superior build quality, exclusive design, performance and hitting power as the principle reasons for their loyalty.

“One comment that is always made is that there is ‘nothing quite like it over here’, so we are obviously getting it right for our customers wherever they may be in the world,” he added.

His brother, Stuart Bryce, added: “The Bryce 180 Pro is proving to be a very popular machine, with positive feedback from the UK and overseas as a direct result of its unrivalled features, reliability, build quality and performance.”