Mixed farmers seeking a compact CVT tractor in the 100-140hp bracket now have a new option available to them with the launch of the new Vestrum CVXDrive range from Case IH.

The new line comes in four models – the Vestrum 100 CVXDrive, 110 CVXDrive, 120 CVXDrive and 130 CVXDrive, with each model number indicating the rated horsepower at 2200rpm engine speed – and each having a 'boost' to max feature.

Big tractor features and comfort have been shoehorned into this compact package – previously, Case IH's smallest CVXDrive tractor was the larger, four-cylinder 116-145hp Maxxum.

Offering a lighter weight option between those Maxxum models and the established Luxxum line, all Vestrums use a 4.5-litre turbocharged and inter-cooled engine which meets EU Stage V emission legislation through SCR, via the latest HI-eSCR2 version.

The patented under-hood after-treatment technology is part of a compact all-in-one system which, in addition to incorporating the SCR, also contains the diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel exhaust fluid (AdBlue) injector, in a maintenance-free set-up.

Users whose work involves large amounts of road travel or field tasks such as mowing, baling, light tillage and specialist operations where it 'works' to separate engine speed and forward speed, have been the target for development engineers behind the new CVXDrive transmission Vestrums. They get stepless travel up to 40 km/h, a speed which, using the Eco function, can be attained at reduced engine rpm.

An electronic controller manages transmission operation for quicker speed change and better efficiency. That's also down to double clutch technology in the transmission which gives seamless changes between the two mechanical ranges.

Active Hold Control allows them to be easily stopped on hills and at road junctions without using the footbrakes, and they also feature Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which automatically reduces engine speed when it detects when less power is required.

With a closed-centre load-sensing pump, hydraulic oil circulates only when requested by the operator and when more than one function is operated, don't affect each other. A wide offering of mechanically and electronically-controlled hydraulic remote valves is available totalling up to seven outlets, plus a power beyond function. Max flow rate is 110 litres/min and they can be supplied loader-ready for fitment of a Case IH LRZ 120 loader.

The multi-function front axle support frame can include an optional front hitch and front pto, while customers can choose their preferred quick coupler option on the front and rear three-point links, with Category 2 or 3N alternatives.

The front pto operates at 1000 rpm, while at the rear has three speeds are available: 540/540E/1000 rpm, or optionally, 540E/1000/1000E rpm.

The four-pillar cab has a control layout similar to that used on larger Case IH tractor series, including fitment of the well-established Case IH Multicontroller armrest as standard. Features in the low-noise cab include automatic climate control and a high-spec' deluxe driver’s seat, while a 360° lighting arrangement completes the package.