British design and build company, Razorback, has recently brought out a new telescopic Auto-Level 680 reach mower.

Featuring self-levelling 'co-pilot' technology, the Razorback Auto-Level 680 has been designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and reduce cost. This new technology ensures that the main frame of the machine remains level, irrespective of the tractor angle in relation to the undulating ground.

It means that the requirement to make manual adjustments to account for the unevenness of the terrain is significantly reduced, making it much easier for the operator. The high-end spec' of this Razorback comes as standard with the auto-level device, electronic proportional controls and a fully independent hydraulic system with oil cooler.

This new telescopic machine will bolster the range along with both rotary and flail head options. The 1.5m rotary safety head option incorporates a SoftStart triple rotor and additional mulching blades which remain in continuous contact with vegetation during the entire 360° cycle, resulting in a much cleaner and faster cut.

For operators who prefer to use a flail head, the manufacturer has recently launched this option and is fitted with heavy duty forged hammer flails to make light work of dense residue available in 1.2m and 1.5m widths. Both head options can tackle a wide range of residue including hedgerows and verge mowing making the auto-level range a flexible choice for professional users.