British manufacturer, Ktwo, has launched its new Mk5 range of Bio and Evo muck spreaders, which have more volume and easier emptying to maximise outputs.

With increasing demand from farmers and contractors for more efficient machines, it said it had been continuing to develop its product range to stay ahead of the curve by using technology and innovation.

Ktwo's Bio range of rear discharge muck spreaders feature twin horizontal beaters, whilst the Evo range has twin vertical beaters at the rear.

The Mk5 versions of both now have a flared body throughout, giving an increased volume capacity and by starting to taper from the floor, this also acts as a funnel to help move materials down to the chains, thus increasing volume through the beaters. The design also means less less bridging.

Both ranges also now include a timed front roller, with integral cleaning scrapers. This gives positive engagement with the chain, ensuring a consistent flow of material.

Smaller improvements include hardened spinner paddles and the latest Ktwo Evo’s have hardox rotor bases with sweeper bars.

The versatile and popular Ktwo Duo Mk6 range of vertical beater rear discharge spreaders have already had the improved body design, already well received by farmers and contractors.