The on-land, in-furrow fully-mounted LO plough from Kverneland is now available in the high spec' 'Max' form, which comes with additional features and functionality.

This spec' brings a pivoting cross shaft to the plough’s headstock and is capable of pivoting through 45-degrees, so the plough follows like a trailer when in transport. At the back, a wide-section, 420/55x17 swivel wheel replaces the previous twin-wheel assembly used on the LO.

Road lights are now integrated, using a lightbar that attaches to the rear bodies when the plough is in its butterfly position. This assembly is simply unplugged and stowed on the side of the plough beam when in work.

To improve the plough’s hydraulic system longevity, a cartridge-type oil filter has been integrated into the plough’s pressure line, to protect the valve block and hydraulic cylinders from contamination. Additional specification includes landside knives, skimmer extensions, twin mouldboard stays, a 500mm (20in) rear disc and a frame strengthening kit.

This high-performance on-land/in-furrow plough comes in five, six and seven-furrow builds, with hydraulic furrow width adjustment from 30-50cm (12-20in). Underbeam clearance is 80 cm, while interbody clearance can be 85 cm or 100 cm.

A five-furrow vari-width LO Max with 85 cm clearance, is priced from £38,953.