Dutch designers have had an input into British firm, Richard Western’s new push-off trailer products.

Based on original Dutch design, the initial model that will be available will have a 40m3 capacity, though 50m3 and 60m3 models planned.

Richard Western said it was bringing the safety and efficiency benefits of push-off trailer design to its product line, with the launch of a three-model range to be built at its Suffolk factory.

The introduction follows the signing of a deal agreed with Dutch firm, USA Equipment, which for some time has had the trailer design manufactured for it under licence in the Netherlands. Richard Western will be manufacturing the product for sale through its network of dealers in the UK and in a number of other European countries.

The principle behind the trailer’s design is not only push-off discharge, but also load compression, allowing the potential capacity of the trailer to be fully utilised, and forager harvester output to be thoroughly exploited. Further advantages include the ability to eject in restricted spaces, such as within sheds, and part-discharge of full loads.

The trailer body is of a monocoque design, using high quality steel with folded side walls for high strength. Initially, the tandem axle 40m3 version will be available, while triple-axle models with bigger capacities are planned.

Both tandem and triple-axle variants will use 150 by 150mm high-speed axles with hydraulic, or air braking options. Triple axle models will have a self-contained on-board hydraulic system, while the hydraulics on tandem-axle trailers operate from the tractor. All will have sprung heavy-duty suspension.

The low-maintenance sliding system for the compression/discharge headboard uses nylon wheels with Oilon guide blocks running in i-beam guide rails, for ease of movement and high wear resistance. Headboard hydraulic pressure can be varied according to the load density required.

Opening/unlocking and closing/locking of the tailgate is governed by double-acting hydraulics, ensuring failsafe tailgate closure – full load discharge time is 35 seconds.

“While the concept of push-off trailers isn’t new, simplicity and ease of use are key characteristics of this design,” said Angus Western, Richard Western managing director. “This is a market-ready, tried-and-tested product that we believe will help customers extract significantly greater efficiencies in areas such as forage harvesting, while at the same time bringing with it considerable safety benefits from pushing rather than tipping to eject high payloads.”