Both single and twin auger vertical mixer feeders are made in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, by Redrock Engineering – with design and manufacture occurring in-house.

The Redrock single auger range of vertical mixers, despite their size, can mix everything from large round, or square bales of silage, straw and hay to precision cut silage, maize, meal and more.

The Northern Ireland-based manufacturers uses serrated knives to chop fibrous foodstuffs to the length required for effective mixing and healthy digestion, assisted by two 'counter knives' which restrict the material as it is driven past them by the auger.

There are nine knives fitted to each auger and these specially treated serrated knives are used to efficiently chop fibrous material to the lengths required for effective mixing and digestion. The knives are designed to sharpen as they wear.

The auger incorporates a carefully positioned sweeper arm which has been specially designed by Redrock to give an ideal blend of selected ingredients, with the aim of producing an even, fluffy and appetising TMR that livestock find easy to eat.

The two-speed drive line planetary system is used to reduce horsepower requirements, thus lowering fuel costs and freeing up larger tractors for other tasks on the farm.

The main features of the Redrock VM twin auger feeders are its ability to mix larger volumes, plus large discharge doors which allow consistent discharge and more efficient chopping between augers. Twin auger machines are available from 12m3 to 28m3, with bespoke larger machines made to request.

All forges, grains, protein supplements, vitamins and minerals are thoroughly mixed, using the twin augers, which means livestock cannot select out individual ingredients and must eat all, including the very important, but less tasty roughage, alongside the rest of the ration.

In keeping with the ethos of Redrock tradition, these machines are engineered to top spec' and recent additions to the twin auger range are 12m3 and 14m3 compact machines.

These have been designed to be slim-line in nature, ensuring accessibility to even the narrowest of passages and meanwhile producing an enhanced ration mix which ultimately improves the value of livestock.

Redrock's electronic weighing system is fitted with three heavy duty load cells on single auger machines, and four or six load cells on all two and three auger models, respectively.

The indicator is manufactured from high strength material and IP67 rated against wet conditions and there is a range of options available, including data transfer, wireless control, remote displays, in cab controls and tracking software packages.

The company also offers a customisation package to suit different situations, including making the discharge doors located at various positions around the machine body. The feed can be placed using various chute options and a number of conveyor options.

These include side door conveyors, front conveyors (fixed, sliding and elevating options) as well as chain conveyors and rear conveyors.


Fiber-Tech paddle mixers – simple and effective

Redrock's Fiber Tech paddle-type mixer feeder is designed to mix the feed product using a gentle tumbling action.

These machines are available in sizes ranging from 12m3 to 30m3 and their design means the concentrate ingredients are not crushed or damaged as a result, with the mixing rotor turning anti-clockwise during mixing.

This takes the material away from the discharge auger and is reversed in a clockwise direction during discharge.

Redrock said this design removed the need for a troublesome door between the mixing chamber and the discharge auger found in other machines. It also allowed it to discharge from the right hand side, so the operator can face the controls in the tractor cab as normal.

The six-paddle rotor rakes the fibrous materials across 32 knives located in the bottom and side wall of the mixing chamber. These knives have a taper and vary the cut depth as the material passes over them.

They are 400mm long, similar to knives in a baler and are located in a pattern to distribute the hp requirement evenly. Because of that, a 20m3 machine requires just 85hp to drive it.

They are built with large heavy duty double row roller bearings, a sturdy European-branded drive chain and come with a three-year warranty.