It’s more than 40 years since BvL introduced the first vertical feed mixer wagon to the market, during which time the company has grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diet mixers.

Today, the BvL V-MIX range of diet feeders covers a wide range of machines, available in single, twin and triple augers variants and in capacity from 3.5m3 up to 46m3.

BvL’s knowledgeable team, who have been operating in the UK for 20 years, recognise the fact that no two farms are the same. Therefore, it’s important that a wide range of specifications and options are available, so that we can look at your needs and tailor a machine to meet those requirements.

At the heart of all BvL mixers are powerful mixing augers, with Hardox leading edges and adjustable knives. Twin and triple auger versions incorporate mixing wedges for a thorough and consistent mix, while the patented EDS (exact dosing system) discharge ensures an even forage discharge.

New for this year and also available for retro fitting onto older BvL diet feeders is the V-Connect mixer control. Using the control, the operator can easily monitor both auger speed and total revolutions, in addition to displaying and controlling mixer time.

So, instead of relying on pto speed, by being able to monitor the actual auger speed the operator is able to achieve improved repeatability and ration consistency.

Options include features such as doors on both the left and right hand side of the feeder for feeding flexibility and even simultaneous discharge to both sides. Additional discharge door options are available, as is a discharge conveyor and new, highly powerful magnets to avoid metallic objects contaminating the ration.

Unique to BvL is the availability of special coatings and hardened components for use with compact rations, or for more abrasive, higher dry matter rations, making this option particularly suited for beef cattle rations and large dairy herds.

BvL’s UK specialist for Scotland is Paul McUrich (07810 040100 /