The jury has made its decision on the 'European Tractor of the Year' – and it's a bit of a shot in the arm for the AGCO stable.

The international award system annually picks out the best of the best from several market sectors, with the winners being chosen by a group of 26 independent journalists from 25 countries – all are specialists in agricultural machinery.

AGCO products won three of the four categories, with Claas the only one to break its domination (see below for the winners)

Overall Tractor of the Year

The top award went to Massey Ferguson's 8S.265 – a new tractor with fresh new styling, new and innovative transmission, new cooling system, new hydraulic system, new and silent cab.

The Scottish Farmer: The magnificent Massey Ferguson 8S 265 has been voted the European Tractor of the YearThe magnificent Massey Ferguson 8S 265 has been voted the European Tractor of the Year

This award is the most recent addition to the MF 8S trophy cabinet and is for the top model in the recently launched 8-series which is rated at 265hp, with the range starting at 205hp. All four in the range have 20hp of extra power with engine power management.

Completely new, the MF 8S Series had introduced novel, innovative designs in every area – engine, cab, transmissions and driveline as well as with new controls and connectivity – said the judges. The series also has different specification packages, but setting the tractors apart was the unique Protect-U design, with its 24cm space that separates the engine from the cab and insulates it from noise, heat and vibration.

That means its industry-leading, four-pillar cab is the quietest on the market, at only 68dB, with a distinctive inclined windscreen providing ultimate space and visibility.

Inside it provides optimum control using the new Multipad control lever and armrest, along with connectivity for smart farming operations. A new digital MF vDisplay, fitted to the right-hand pillar, replaces the dashboard and leaves just the steering wheel and Power Control lever to ensure exceptional visibility over the wasp-waist bonnet.

Connect telemetry and Datatronic 5 terminal are fitted as standard, plus the option to use an extra Fieldstar 5 terminal to manage the MF technologies suite – including MF Guide, MF Section Control and MF Rate Control.

Completely new, the Dyna E-Power’s dual clutch technology combines the comfort of a CVT with the efficiency of a semi-powershift. This reduces power loss by 26% at higher speeds, saving up to 5% in fuel.

Alternatively, the new Dyna-7 semi-powershift is also available on the MF 8S range and offers 28 forward and reverse speeds.

Utility Tractor of the Year:

The new Valtra G135 Versu was the best utility tractor according to the jury who selected it out of those from the multi-purpose and utility tractor sectors, above 70 hp.

The Scottish Farmer: The Valtra G series took the Utility prize at the award ceremonyThe Valtra G series took the Utility prize at the award ceremony

This is the first in the fifth generation of Valtra tractors and at the same time a new model series that fits between the popular A and N Series with its 105-135 hp.

The G Series can move and manoeuvre in tight spaces, thanks to its short wheel base and the front end design optimised to maximise turning circle. It has an advanced power lift and effective working hydraulics.

An integrated front loader subframe, electronic controls, high visibility hood, and 5.7 square metres of glass area offers great visibility for front loader work. They are equipped with the award-winning SmartTouch tractor terminal.

Sustainable Tractor of the Year:

This was won by the Claas Axion 960 Cemos model against 17 other finalists.

The Scottish Farmer: Claas took the Sustainable Tractor of the Year award with the Axion 960Claas took the Sustainable Tractor of the Year award with the Axion 960

This was only the second time the 'Sustainable' TotY had been awarded and is intended to honor tractors that stand out due to their particularly sustainable technology.

"With the Claas Axion 960, thanks to Cemos system, all the technology available on it is easy to use as never before. The optimisation of all the technology and all the electronics, last but not least the optimisation of tyre pressure, allows to this tractor a remarkable fuel saving and a much more efficient performance on field and in any working condition," said the jury's citation.

The blend of on-the-move tyre pressure changes linked to a diagnostic system recently received the 'DLG approved' label for achieving fuel savings of up to 16.8% and a 16.3% increase in productivity when cultivating.

The Axion 900s cover a range from 325 to 445 hp.

Specialist Tractor of the Year:

Probably more famous for its large tractor ranges, Fendt won the specialist section with its compact 211 V Vario.

The Scottish Farmer: Winner of the Specialist class was the Fendt 200 Vario vineyard and fruit tractorWinner of the Specialist class was the Fendt 200 Vario vineyard and fruit tractor

Christoph Gröblinghoff, chairman of the AGCO/Fendt board, said: "The smallest Fendt tractor series is just as important to us as the largest. The specialist tractor Fendt 200 V Vario challenged our engineers because it combines intelligent technology like FendtONE with a very compact design and a lot of comfort.

"On steep vineyard slopes no one can compete with the Fendt vineyard tractor."