THIS year sees Valtra celebrate its 70th anniversary and the Finnish company has a number of plans already in place to mark the important milestone.

As well as hosting some virtual celebrations from the factory, Valtra said it had big news to reveal at the Agritechnica machinery show in Germany, scheduled for November.

If the restrictions surrounding Covid-19 have calmed down in time for the show and people can attend, then Valtra said it would unveil something special on its stand. It will also exhibit its new fifth generation of A Series tractors, just launched in Finland.

The popular Valtra A Series – twice the recipient of the Machine of the Year award in 2017 and in 2019 – is going into its fifth generation with many new features that have been requested by customers.

The model series continues to comprise of seven models to choose from, all of them available as so-called GL-models, which feature an easy-to-use mechanical transmission.

Inside the smart new cab is the main control layout to the right of the driver

Inside the smart new cab is the main control layout to the right of the driver

The best-selling 105 and 115 hp models are also available with a four-step powershift transmission. In these HiTech 4 models, transmission is controlled electronically, but all A Series will come with Valtra’s renowned shuttle transmission including the integrated handbrake.

Marko Ojalehto, Valtra's product specialist in charge of the new A Series, said: “Operating the A Series has been made even more efficient and comfortable in many ways. Powershift gears are available on several models, the front loader armrest has also been upgraded on GL models, the four-cylinder models has five more horsepower than before, and the service interval has increased to 600 hours.”

More than half of A Series tractors are expected to be sold fitted with a front loader at the factory, indicative that it is viewed as an ideal machine for that type of work. Accordingly, many of the upgrades have been designed to make front loader work even easier, such as the Powershift gears and updated control armrest familiar from HT4 models.

From now on, the three-cylinder models A75/A95 will also be available with the HiTech 2 transmission featuring powershift. This will result in more efficient field work and enable road transport at lower engine speeds.

The HiTech 2 models have a 24 forward and 24 reverse speed transmission. In addition, all A Series models can be equipped with creeper gear, which reduces the lowest speed to approximately 100m per hour.

Engine power has been increased by five horsepower on the four-cylinder models and now corresponds to the model designation. All engines comply with Stage V emissions standards and have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in addition to SCR injection. That means they can do without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Engine speed and power can now be controlled precisely thanks to a new accelerator pedal. Increasing the service interval from 500 to 600 hours saves costs, while increasing the amount of productive working time, argued the Finns.

The A Series is also available with compressed air brakes, or a hydraulic trailer brake system, with customers able to choose their preferred option.

New features on the 5th generation A Series:

• 5hp more on A105/A135 models

• Two Powershift gears optional on A75/A95 models

• AutoTraction, which can be switched on/off

• Dual-circuit hydraulic brakes

• New control armrest on Gear Lever (GL) models

• Upgraded Stage V compliant engines

• 600-hour service intervals

• Redesigned engine cover

• Redesigned wheels

• Optional pto buttons on rear mudguard on HiTech 4 models

• Valtra Connect remote monitoring optional

• Automatic main power switch in the ignition switch

Tech spec:

Power (hp/kW) Torque Nm

A75 75/56 315

A85 85/63 350

A95 95/70 355

A105 105/78 435

A115 115/86 455

A125 125/93 520

A135 135/100 540

Valtra Connect predicts service needs

Valtra Connect has for several years enabled tractor owners and their local service technicians to monitor tractor data remotely.

Valtra Connect gives owners peace of mind when it comes to organising servicing needs

Valtra Connect gives owners peace of mind when it comes to organising servicing needs

But soon, customers can choose to make this data available to the AGCO Machine Monitoring Centre, where service needs can be detected in advance through the continuous processing and analysis of the data transmitted by tractors.

The tractor’s sensors measure dozens of different variables, such as speeds, temperatures, pressures, operating hours, flows and so on. If the Machine Monitoring Centre detects that a component is failing on the basis of its temperature, operating hours and pressure, for example, a message can be sent to the local service centre or the customer.

Jani Rautiainen, Valtra's director parts and service, said: “Traditionally, service teams used to react to visible faults, but in the future it will also be possible to predict a wide range of service needs in advance. For example, a component that is at the end of its life cycle can be changed during servicing before it breaks.

“The nearest authorised Valtra service centre to the customer will receive a message explaining the suspected fault, instructions for fixing the fault, a list of the required components and an estimate of the time needed to make the repairs. This gives both the service centre and the customer the chance to agree on a suitable time to service the tractor,” he said.

The new service underwent testing in 2020 among customers in real-life conditions. The same system is already in use or being introduced for other AGCO tractors, harvesters and sprayers, so there is already a lot of practical experience with the service.

It will be offered as part of Valtra Connect, so there will be no additional cost to customers. Similarly, no new hardware or software will be required. For existing Valtra Connect customers, accessing the service will be simple. Naturally, customers also have the option to not begin using the new service.

Valtra celebrates 70th anniversary

Valtra has come a long way since it emerged 70 years ago when the focus was on the mechanisation of agriculture.

Its managing director, Jari Rautjärvi, said: “The advancements that began 70 years ago keep on going and accelerating. Thanks to persistent product development work, our tractors have now reached their fifth generation.

“Now our customers expect smart solutions from Valtra. We are making big investments in our factory in Suolahti, Finland. The new logistics centre was just launched, and a new paint shop will begin construction this summer.”

Valtra – then known as Valmet – began series production of tractors in 1951 in Jyvaskyla, Finland. The first model was the Valmet 15 that, as the name implies, had 15hp and was designed to replace a horse on a small farm.

One of the originals - Valtra (or Valmet as it was then) first produced the 15hp tractor in 1951

One of the originals - Valtra (or Valmet as it was then) first produced the 15hp tractor in 1951

From the beginning, customer needs were highlighted and structural solutions were introduced for which Valtra is still known – high ground clearance for forestry work and also ideal for road maintenance tasks. Later on, cabin ergonomics made it possible to work longer and safer working days, with increased operator space.

A line-up of early A-Series Valtras and, as now, customers can choose their own colour scheme

A line-up of early A-Series Valtras and, as now, customers can choose their own colour scheme

To mark its 70th anniversary, Valtra will manufacture 70 specially equipped ‘Limited Redition’ tractors. These anniversary models are available in the T Series (T174e to T254) and will be sold worldwide.

The specially equipped anniversary models feature a deep red metallic paint reminiscent of Valtra’s roots 70 years ago. The red colour is also highlighted in the details of the tractor, including in the stitching of the leather interior and the interior light. The anniversary model has black rims and a stainless steel Limited Redition badge.