USING the latest technology combined with decades of experience, Dutch machinery specialist, Vervaet, has launched its new Quad self-propelled slurry spreader/injector.

In a nutshell, the new Vervaet Quad is powered by a 550hp engine, has a 21m3 tank capacity and moves by a transmission offering higher torque than any other self-propelled machine on the market in the crucial 5-15 km/h speed range.

Vervaet said this new Quad completed its range of professional manure application technology alongside the Vervaet Trike range, with the 16m3 tank capacity Trike XL plus the 21m3 tank capacity of the Trike 5x5.

Under the hood

The Vervaet Quad has ahd incorporated a clever new cooling system suitable for working in temperatures as high as 45°C with a fully loaded engine and driveline.

This new concept has been developed together with the company’s new engine partner, Volvo Penta, to ensure optimal performance under any circumstance and in all conditions.

The spreader has its radiator positioned at the front of the machine to keep it well away from dust and crop residue. The 13-litre 550hp six-cylinder Volvo Penta engine boasts a phenomenal 2650Nm of torque at a stunningly low engine speed of just 1200rpm.

With such a slow-running engine, the company pointed out that excellent fuel economy would also come as standard. Worldwide engine homologation, backed up by a global service and maintenance network, are additional benefits.

Ease of service and maintenance also applies to the all-new Vervaet-made transmission.

A spokesman for Vervaet said: “We don’t rely on a CVT, as according to our engineers these systems can’t always cope with the required torques and simply aren’t reliable enough, but the new Vervaet-made hydro-mechanical transmission is.

“It combines the best elements of two technologies, utilising hydraulic motors to provide infinitely variable speed control to mechanical gearboxes and axles which deal with the high torque loadings associated with the demanding nature of high-output work.”

Separate gearboxes for each axle provide simplicity and allow the Vervaet Quad to offer constant four-wheel drive. With this clever driveline concept, the company claimed this machine offered higher torque than any other self-propelled machine on the market in the crucial 5-15km/h working speed range.

Diff-locks on each axle and a centre diff-lock are standard because getting stuck in muddy conditions just isn’t part of the plan.

Proven slurry systems

Vervaet DNA is right behind the radiator with the proven slurry system featuring a choice of Vogelsang and Borger 9000 l/min pumps, or the SuperLoad system with 10-inch piping and a 12,000 l/min or even a 13,500 l/min Borger pump.

These pump the slurry through the tried and tested in-house built cyclone macerator or, as an option, a Vogelsang macerator fitted before the pump.

A loading arm which is easy to operate and doesn’t hinder visibility is also fitted on the Quad.

But its impressive traction and sheer pulling power will be particularly valued whilst injecting slurry, with a range of rear-mounted cultivation tools. These are carried on a rear-linkage making it particularly quick and convenient to swap between, for example, an injector and a cultivator.

In addition to handling slurry, the Quad’s versatile design gives it a truly multi-purpose nature. The basic carrier vehicle can also be equipped with a solid manure spreading body, creating a first class self-propelled spreader for more solid FYM given its excellent tractive abilities.

It is also anticipated that other options could also become available to equip the Quad for specialist applications including as a beet chaser.

Its sophisticated four-wheel steering and ultra-tight turning circle make it at equally at home in row crops and across any field.

In addition, the machine can also be used in ‘crab steer’ mode so that each of its massive tyres runs in a different path, spreading its weight over the widest possible area to avoid soil-damage both above and below ground.

The vast choice of tyres available for the Quad includes 900/60 R38, 900/60 R42, 1050/50 R32, 1000/55 R32, 1250/50 R32, the newest Mitas 1000/65 R32 as well as dual-row crop tyres. When fitted with nearly all of those tyre sizes, the Quad still doesn’t exceed the 3m maximum transport width.

All Vervaet self-propelled machines are furnished with modern, luxurious and spacious cabs with a large glass area. All of the machine’s controls are within easy reach with the joystick and the terminal located in the adjustable armrest.