THEY have taken many years to develop but later this year methane powered tractors built by New Holland will be delivered to their new owners in the UK and other countries.

Continuing with its drive to produce a more sustainable powered tractor, New Holland Agriculture is making the final few tweaks to its T6 methane power tractor before delivery.

The first production unit of the T6 methane power tractor, a cornerstone of New Holland’s Energy Independent Farm concept, was presented at the Agritechnica show in 2019 and now targets full commercial availability in 2021.

Carlo Lambro, New Holland's brand president, said: “We have pioneered sustainable, innovative solutions for some 14 years. We developed the 'Energy-Independent Farm' model, showing how a closed-loop between agricultural production and energy generation can make farming CO2-neutral, or even carbon negative, with significant benefits for our customers.

"This year we are taking a further step into turning this into a reality, as our methane-powered tractor enters the New Holland range.”

Field trials are in the final stages and by the first half of the year production units will be delivered to selected customers in Germany, France, Italy, the UK and the Benelux, which are all key markets for the T6 tractor where biogas production is advanced.

The gas powered tractor will enter the New Holland range by the end of the year and be available to all customers in Europe and other markets across the world.

New Holland, which styles itself as the 'clean energy leader' is continuing to extend its scope to explore new areas of innovation through partnerships. The first one is with Italian Barolo wine producer, Fontanafredda, in a project that aims to achieve carbon-free vineyard operations.

In its vineyards, New Holland and FPT Industrial are testing a new bio-methane tractor derived from a standard New Holland TK model. It is powered by the new FPT Industrial F28 engine, crowned 'Diesel of the Year' in 2020.

The tractor tested in the Fontanafredda vineyards is powered on bio-methane, with the aim of accomplishing the first CO2-free wine production, an important step towards the decarbonisation of the grape growing chain.

In another partnership, New Holland has developed with Italian implements producer, Nobili, an innovative concept for the electrification of implements for vineyards and orchards.

It combines the New Holland T4.110V with an e-Source external generator compliant with AEF high voltage guidelines. In an industry first, the generator driven by the tractor’s pto is the only source of energy powering the new e-Sprayer and e-Mulcher machines.

This innovation was recognised with the Technical Innovation 2020/21 Award at EIMA International.

Latest Packer model of square baler

Packing it in – the latest big baler from New Holland is a Packer model designed to produce higher density bales

Packing it in – the latest big baler from New Holland is a 'Packer' model designed to produce higher density bales

NEW Holland has also extended the BigBaler 1290 High Density range with a new Packer model.

It features three, three-tine packer forks manufactured with heavy-duty components that ensure durability while matching the baler’s high throughput. The new Packer model delivers the same all-out productivity and efficiency of the BigBaler 1290 High Density CropCutter models.

The BigBaler 1290 High Density CropCutter and Packer models can produce bales of up to 22% higher density than conventional large square balers, significantly increasing transport and bale handling efficiency.

The MaxiSweep pick-up helps feeding crop at higher rates, resulting in increased capacity and performance. The unique SmartShift gearbox – winner of the Agritechnica Silver Medal 2019 – delivers a soft start up resulting in greater comfort for the operator and overload protection for the tractor’s driveline.

The unique patented LoopMaster knotting technology ensures best-in-class solid binding and protects the environment and the forage by eliminating twine offcuts.

These balers have a short drawbar concept, which ensures great visibility for the operator and added manoeuvrability. Comfort is further enhanced with a new intuitive user interface using the large IntelliView IV touchscreen display. A range of automated features, such as the IntelliCruise system – which automatically adjusts tractor speed to work rate – add to the productivity and comfort of BigBaler 1290 High Density models, said New Holland.

Its Alessio Merlo, product marketing manager hay and forage, said: “The BigBaler 1290 High Density is a milestone of excellence beyond statistics. It was launched at Agritechnica in 2019 and immediately crowned Machine of the Year.

“It has received a host of prizes and accolades, including the 2021 AE50 Award. Most importantly, it has won wide customer recognition for its patented LoopMaster technology and extraordinary bale density. And now we complete our offering with the new high-capacity Packer model that delivers the same superior performance.”

New Holland claims to have led the large square baler segment for more than 30 years, during which it has introduced a host of industry firsts that have changed baling.

These are innovations such as double-knot technology, electronic proportional density control, full bale eject functionality and the very first 80x90 bale size, which have since become industry standards.

In November, 2020, New Holland produced its 30,000th large square baler at its Zedelgem plant, a record milestone testament to the brand’s long history of baling excellence.