One of the world’s largest suppliers for loaders in agricultural machinery, Quicke, has introduced the world’s first loader-specific warranty extension

Aimed at its premium brand, the Quicke Q-series, this means that customers can extend their standard loader warranty for an additional four years.

The new Q-care warranty can be selectable between one and four years, and covers unexpected failures to loaders, subframes and control systems. In combination with the one-year standard warranty, customers can now protect their investment now for up to five years in total.

Cyril Thibaut, service marketing manager at Quicke, said: “Our intention is to provide peace of mind to our Quicke customers. We offer high-quality loaders and we continue this high-quality approach by introducing this comprehensive and superior warranty extension program.

“Also, Quicke dealers now can extend their after-sales activities. Scheduled maintenance and repair issues will be handled professionally by the dealers,” added Mr Thibaut. “Our customers benefit directly from an improved maintenance quality and loader durability. That’s a win-win-deal.”

Quicke dealers in GB have been offering Q-care along with each Quicke Q-series loader from the end of January.