A system that links machines together for optimum work rates is new from John Deere for forage harvesters this season.

'Machine Sync' enables machines to exchange data on the move and allows operators to guide a tractor and trailer alongside the harvester. This unique system, already available for use on combines, is now also available for self-propelled foragers and allows it to take control of accompanying tractors during unloading operations.

First introduced in combines in 2012, John Deere remains the only supplier of an integrated system and the technology is especially useful during night-time operations and for long working days.

Global navigation satellite system-based synchronisation allows combines to automatically control the speed and travel direction of tractors and trailers relative to the combine. Machine Sync makes harvesting safer, reduces operator stress and also eliminates waste during unloading, as well as avoiding damage to both machines and crops.

The technology is not just applicable to combine harvesters and John Deere is now offering Machine Sync for use on other types of self-propelled harvesters, including those working potatoes, carrots and vegetables. Its assistance can also help vegetable growers during planting applications.

For operation, Machine Sync requires JDLink telematics, a StarFire satellite receiver and a Gen4 Premium display with automation activation. Most customers would select all these components ex-factory when ordering a new tractor and/or self-propelled machine, although retrofitting is also possible.