With its new Tyrok 400, Amazone can now offer semi-mounted reversible ploughs from seven, eight and nine furrows for 400hp tractors.

The main features are higher output, even under continuous load, and a simple, safe and precise operating system.

Fitted with the new SpeedBlade plough body – which has a patented extra-large front shin on the mouldboard – makes for minimal wear on the main mouldboard. The main wear point automatically shifts further and further back towards the centre of the plough body by increasing the working speed from such as 6km/h up to 10km/h.

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As a result, the main wear point of the SpeedBlade body is on the enlarged front shin of the mouldboard and not back on the main part of the slatted or solid mouldboard, even at higher forward speeds. This means only the front shin of the mouldboard has to be initially replaced on the Tyrok when used at higher speeds, enormously reduces wearing costs.

Another detail is that the point covers the blade, protecting the joint and, in addition, the open frog prevents soil from sticking under the frog due to its profile so that the maximum ease of pull on the plough body is maintained.

A unique hardening process by adding carbon is applied to Tyrok wearing parts adding to the long service lives of the ploughs. The reverse side to the wearing side, remains relatively soft making it tough and impact resistant.

There's a selection of different slatted and solid mouldboard profiles, depending on the application and objective, and for particularly tough conditions, the points are also available as an HD option, or as reversible interchangeable points for short set-up times and less wear.

The wide furrow clearance is another big plus of the SpeedBlade bodies, especially with the increasing use of wider tractor tyres.

Body chassis strength comes thanks to a strong, high-tensile steel rectangular beam with dimensions of 200 x 150 x 10 mm. Lemken said this was an advantage over other beams as it does not bend during high load work. This ensures a uniform working depth over the entire length and working width.

The Tyroks also have the new SmartTurn system. At the headland, the fast turning procedure is hydraulically slowed down twice just before the end, damping down the last bit of the turn reducing stress on the plough. This low-stress process is completed within only nine seconds.

The optional hydraulic overload safety protection also ensures smooth and material-protective working in arduous operating conditions. The plough body is gently pushed back into the soil via the hydraulic cylinder and the trigger force decreases as the lift height increases.

Trip forces of up to 2000 kg can be infinitely adjusted either centrally or separately on each individual body, depending on the operating conditions.

The ploughs have mechanical furrow width adjustment as standard, but can be infinitely adjusted hydraulically from the comfort of the tractor cab as an option.

The new AutoAdapt automatic front furrow adjustment means that the front furrow is also automatically adjusted hydraulically when the overall working width is changed on variable furrow width Tyrok ploughs. As a result, changing soil conditions or slopes can be responded to.

Working depth is mechanically, or hydraulically adjusted via damped running gear, which also absorbs large shock loads. A substantial support wheel ensures precise depth control and optimum soil compaction protection. The hydro-pneumatic suspension of the support wheel also assists driving comfort and safety on the road.

The ploughs' optimum pull line can be adjusted via the 180° rotating headstock of the Tyrok. Minimising side pull results in further potential savings in the pulling power requirement and thus in fuel consumption.

They can also be optionally equipped with traction control for reduced slippage. In this case, another hydraulic cylinder transfers weight to the rear axle of the tractor, providing maximum pulling power and fuel savings.

All hydraulic functions are controlled at the front of the headstock in the central SmartCenter setting centre.

Optional soil engaging tools – for example, various skimmers or trash boards – are available and additional landside protectors can be attached to shares to ensure better plough guidance on slopes.

An optional sword landside, which protects the edges of the front shin of the mouldboard from wear and cuts a clean furrow wall, is ideal for regions with stony and heavy soils. Disc coulters can be fitted to the last body for an exceptionally clean furrow clearance.

Amazone also offers the Tyrok 400 with a swivel press arm for working with a packer.