New stepless transmission control features and high-tech electronics that bring the operator experience up to the latest standards have been unveiled by JCB for all models of the Fastrac high-speed tractor.

Fully-integrated ISOBUS implement control and JCB’s own satellite guidance system become available for the first time, along with other precision farming tools such as variable rate application and section control for spraying and spreading.

These functions are all accessed via a 12-inch colour touch-screen display mounted on a new armrest console that also houses the transmission control joystick, an auxiliary hydraulic services joystick and paddle switches, and other key controls.

“We had three major objectives with this important project for the JCB Fastrac,” said John Smith, JCB Agriculture's managing director.

“We wanted to create a bespoke operator experience, integrate electronics technology such as ISOBUS and GPS guidance, and redefine the already high level of operator control and driving comfort that the Fastrac offers.

“Feedback from our extensive development and testing work with evaluation customers shows we have achieved all of these objectives,” he added.

A good example of that is the way operators can choose how the transmission joystick works. Current Fastrac operators can use the JCB Classic mode, changing ground speed by moving the joystick left and right, and selecting direction by moving it forwards and backwards.

But operators familiar with other CVT tractors may prefer the new JCB Pro format, which transposes those functions – so push forward and pull back to alter ground speed, and move the joystick left to operate the forward/reverse shuttle.

Nudging the joystick right in this mode engages a new roller thumb switch that provides fine ground speed adjustments – ideal when running alongside a combine or potato harvester, and for hedge, or verge trimming.

Operators can also more easily choose pedal or joystick ground speed mode – they no longer have to be pre-selected, the operator simply starts using either control to engage them.

In addition, the new Smart Transmission Control fully automates the powertrain; instead of setting engine revs and then regulating ground speed, the operator can engage STC, set a target ground speed and leave it to the engine and transmission to deliver it.

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Current optional features, such as two-wheel drive traction control and hill-start assist, are retained, while headland turn programming has been expanded with capacity for up to 50 individual control sequences, each with up to 50 steps, to ease the operator’s workload during headland turns with complex implements.

At the same time, the sequences have been made easier to assemble and edit using the new iCON electronics and display.

In addition to the basic run screen that appears upon starting the tractor, there are further screens accessed simply by swiping or using physical navigation buttons.

From the start-up screen, swiping right brings up a more detailed display that includes settings for up to six front and rear electric spool valves.

These can be freely allocated to different controls by tapping or dragging and dropping on the touch screen – to any of the four paddle switches, which light up with relevant colour-coding; to the auxiliary joystick if fitted; or to clearly numbered buttons on the main joystick.

Up to 50 different tractor/operator/implement named profiles covering the spool valves and other settings can be set up and recalled, enabling different operators to have bespoke set-ups for whatever equipment they use with the tractor.

Another screen retains essential vehicle information while providing external views from up to four remote camera locations.

JCB supplies an optional wiring harness, leaving owners to install their preferred camera in the required location at the front, rear or side, although the package can include a heavy-duty camera to view the rear hitch.

A further touch-screen swipe turns the display into an ISOBUS 2 Universal Terminal if this option has been ticked, enabling ISOBUS-equipped implements to be set up and controlled through the display rather than a separate screen or control box.

A fifth screen is dedicated to JCB’s new satellite guidance and precision farming option, which uses a roof-mounted NovAtel Smart-7 receiver, a steering controller, and JCB’s own interface.

The package also includes JCB Rapid Steer, which reduces the number of steering wheel turns needed for headland and other manoeuvres, and unlock options are available for up to 256-segment section control and variable rate application.

A GPS-ready option prepares the Fastrac for other guidance and precision farming solutions, including the unique JCB Twin Steer system, which enables individual axle guidance for ultra-precise steering along single or twin (for axle offsetting) A-B lines.

Elsewhere in the cab, operators will find a new fully-automatic climate control air conditioning system, complete with solar load sensor and ambient cab temperature monitoring, enhanced storage, improved connectivity for various media and data