Tractors of all shapes, sizes, ages and performance feature in a new Channel 5 series, live and on catch-up.

'Tractors: Big, Bigger, Biggest' which started last Friday (May 20) and runs to three episodes, takes a look at the more spectacular examples and uses of tractors, such as the classic four-axle Versatile built in Canada and mammoth Big Bud 4wd in the United States.

It also covers examples of the latest technology developments such as autonomous operation, the lengths people go to restore and maintain vintage models, and the sporting achievements of tractor pulling competitors and speed record attempts – including JCB’s Fastrac WFT, the World’s Fastest Tractor.

There’s also a segment on tractors providing essential transport – on the Isle of Sark, for example, where there are no vehicles other than tractors, and the extraordinary ‘people carrier’ that ferries visitors through the sea to Burgh Island in Devon.