One of the most significant newcomers in the latest Landini line-up from Italy’s Argo Tractors is the mid-range 6RS series. This three-model line-up replaces the familiar 6C with a design that is all-new from the front axle backwards.

As product specialist Luke Barnard, pointed out, the 6RS is a slightly bigger and heavier tractor, with a shift upwards in power, a heavier-duty Category 3 rear linkage, increased oil flow from the closed-centre hydraulics, and a new High Visibility cab with a slim top crossmember and much larger roof window affording a better view to a raised loader.

The success of the 6RS will in large part hinge on the performance and operator appeal of the new Robo-Six transmission, designed, engineered and manufactured by Argo Tractors.

“It’s a six powershift, four-range, 24x24, with the option to add in creep, taking that to 40 speeds in total,” explained Luke Barnard. “The current version has the four ranges on a gear lever with a de-clutch button and up and down-shift buttons for the six powershifts, but going forward we’ll also be offering a fully robotised version, with everything controlled through the new joystick.”

The new transmission represents a welcome advance over the long-running 6C tractors’ unit – which continues service in the 119hp and 126hp 6-H models – because it has just three powershift speeds available in forwards motion only, resulting in a 36x12 configuration from the three-range, four-speed gearbox.

Also, the new unit enables operators to match or differentiate forward and reverse speeds when shuttling at headlands or when engaged in loader work, and the auto shifting function has Eco and Power modes to optimise fuel economy for draft work and towing performance.

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There are three engine power outputs as before but the Landini 6RS series tractors go beyond the 6C models that span 111hp to 130hp for draft work and on up to 140hp with power boost engaged for transport and pto applications.

The new model numbers reflect ‘boost’ power outputs from the FPT NEF-series 4.5-litre four pot engines; so the 6-135 RS deploys up to 135hp from a non-boost figure of 125hp; the 6-145 boosts from 135hp to 146hp; and the 6-155 puts up to 144hp or 155hp at the operator’s disposal.

Power and torque are delivered to rear tyres up to 650/60 R38 in size and up front, buyers can have a rigid front axle or the Carraro beam axle with wishbone independent suspension for each wheel, as on the 6C tractors.

The closed-centre hydraulic system anticipates these tractors operating larger or more demanding implements by increasing the performance of the variable output swash-plate pump from 110- to 123-litre/min.

For external applications, the tractors can be fitted with up to seven spool valves, including mid-mounted units for a loader or front linkage operation, and there is a substantial increase in implement lift capacity from 2,500kg front and 6,000kg rear to 3,200kg and 7,200kg, respectively.

Up to 14 LED lights can be installed, eight of them in the new roof panel for better all-round illumination, and inside the cab, which is carried on a mechanical suspension system, a 12in touch screen display can be added to give access to control functions, set-up options and optional ISOBUS implement control.