South Korean manufacturer Daedong – best known in the UK for its Kioti-brand compact tractors – is set to move up the power and performance scale with an all-new range of full-size machines scheduled to appear later this year.

Just now, the Kioti range tops out with the 73hp RX7330 and a trio of out-going PX models of 103hp, 110hp and 130hp.

Those last three will be replaced by the new HX Series tractors unveiled in the manufacturer’s home country, which look to be sturdier machines that pack more muscle – engine outputs range from 90hp and 140hp.

The tractors also look to be thoroughly modern-styled contenders for this power class, with neat ‘edgy’ but not over-done styling and a competitive five-pillar cab design.

Power is understood to be provided by Daedong’s own 3.8-litre four-cylinder engine – itself a new development – and while a power shuttle will be available when the tractors arrive, and semi-powershift gearbox is due to follow sometime next year.

In its home market promotion, Daedong highlight the high-tech features planned for the series, which includes Kioti Connect, a telematics system for remote monitoring on a mobile device or office computer for fleet management, farm enterprise records, identification of faults, service scheduling, and so on.

Ultimately, Kioti Connect will also facilitate autonomous working without an operator on board as the company envisages an agricultural industry with more digital monitoring and control of machinery and crops.

In terms of styling and equipment, the 130hp HX1300 and 140hp HX1400 revealed so far feature bright LED road and work lights, some of them set into a shapely roof panel, to provide all-round illumination.

The cab has a conventional door and opening window on the left, while the right-hand side is filled by a full-length door with uninterrupted glass from front to back giving maximum visibility in this direction.

Top-spec models have a right-hand control console with a high-set gear lever that is topped by powershift pulse buttons and positioned ahead of a low-medium-high range selector. Alongside is a touch-screen display with the facility for a remote camera feed.

Mechanical hydraulic spool levers are angled comfortably towards the operator, who also benefits from a seat-mounted armrest with a selection of controls positioned for fingertip access while working.

Behind the steering wheel, a conventional analogue and digital instrument cluster provides essential information about the tractor’s settings and running status.