AN ENGINE upgrade looms large on the latest updates of Case IH’s Luxxum tractors – a key model in the company's all-purpose utility offering.

The three all-rounder models, designed for mid-size livestock and mixed farms deliver 101hp, 110hp and 117hp, now have a Stage V-compliant engine fitted, though they are still paired with the ActiveDrive 4 smooth-shifting semi-automatic transmission.

However, in the engine bay is a larger capacity F5 engine of 3.6-litres. That said it takes up the same space as the previous engine, thus maintaining the range's compact size.

This has increased power output at the lower end of the range, with up to 5% higher torque levels. Maximum torque is now hit at the lower engine speed of 1300 rpm, which improves load response and start capability under heavy loads.

“The Luxxum is already a very popular model with mixed and livestock farms in both upland and lowland areas,” said Can Tümer, Case IH's product marketing manager. “Thanks to the latest technology, these improvements give it more punch on a slope or with a big trailer. Add the other upgrades and you get a truly excellent all-rounder.”

The tractors also get a new exhaust after-treatment system, the maintenance-free 'Compact HI-eSCR2' solution, which integrates a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), a maintenance-free particulate filter and a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) unit.

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Case IH said the engine's low rate of exhaust gas recirculation – which at under 10% – is currently is the best on the market, while the SCR system is in a single compact layout, all located under the hood.

As an all-purpose utility tractor, front loader operation is key for Luxxum owners. The newcomers have a fully compatible electro-hydraulic joystick to speed up work rates. This combines the front loader controls with those for the transmission, so there is no need to switch between the Multicontroller and joystick.

The joystick works with new L series front loaders, which come in different ranges to meet different customer needs. The ‘A’ range is a functional, simple, reliable and economical product, while the ‘U’ range is ideal for everyday handling tasks. The flagship ‘T’ range is designed for more intensive work, with a wide range of attachments vailable.

The latest Luxxums also come with some new options, like an optional leather steering wheel, and carpet on the cab floor, as will two new worklights (increasing the total number to 10).