We are all familiar with those Segway two-wheeled 'personal transportation devices' that are increasingly popular for group city tours and the like, but the Chinese manufacturer has also moved into the world of quad bikes and buggies with its new Powersports division.

Ambitious plans include building its own engines in future, developing a hybrid powertrain and creating new off- and on-road vehicles while incorporating digital technologies that it says can enhance the user experience.

So far, the business has launched the Villain sports buggy, Snarler all-terrain quad bike and Fugleman compact utility buggy, all of which are available in the UK through distributor, Dualways, and a growing number of local dealers.

Clearly aimed more at the leisure and commercial trail-riding sectors but still capable of being used for scouting crops and checking on the sheep and cattle, the Snarler quad comes in short wheelbase single-rider and long wheelbase rider-and-passenger configurations.

Both are powered by a 570cc petrol engine rated at 44hp and coupled to an ‘on demand’ two- and four-wheel drive system.

The Fugleman U10TX Deluxe, meanwhile, is a road-legal side-by-side machine for work and play that promises a thrilling ride thanks to the 1000cc four-stroke petrol engine nestling within its chassis.

This puts up to 105hp and 100Nm of torque within reach of the driver’s right foot, so it is to be hoped that the buggy’s service brakes and engine braking system are as effective as Segway claims.

There is seating for three in the cabin and a 450kg capacity cargo box behind; and the manufacturer rates the towing capacity at a heady 1.13 tonnes.

Up front, an electric winch is part of the standard kit, along with adjustable electric power steering with a choice of three modes to suit different on- and off-road situations, plus a front axle diff lock for the selectable two- and four-wheel drive drivetrain.

The Fugleman’s power apart, however, the main novelties among these two newcomers are the touch-screen control system, Bluetooth-enabled ‘Airlock’ ignition and a mobile device app.

The latter can be used to programme driving modes and access ride data, such as power, torque, range, mileage and speed. More importantly, the ‘connected’ features include an auto roll-over accident text alert sent to a designated contact – a potential safety benefit for farmers and their staff working remotely and alone.