A Norfolk business that specialises supplying and hiring out electric utility vehicles has started importing a compact UTV to complement the larger models it already supplies.

Electric Wheels was started in 2019, working predominantly with events organisers, supplying low emissions vehicles for on-site setting up, managing and breaking down. Since then, they have recognised growing demand in agriculture, horticulture, emergency services and filming, said managing director, Chris Hurdle, and are now supplying vehicles far and wide.

In addition to the Ubco electric motorcycle, Electric Wheels sells or hires turf buggies and two models of HiSun’s electric side-by-side all-terrain UTVs – which it names The Worker (5kW two-seater) and The Beast (15kW four-seater), it has added The Nipper UTV to its fleet.

This machine from an un-named Chinese manufacturer is a compact model equipped with either lead-acid or higher performance lithium-ion batteries. Power is delivered by an electric motor rated at 5kW and driving through a three-speed continuously variable transmission.

Electric Wheels reckons the newcomer is capable of 28mph and travelling up to 75 miles on a single charge, dependent upon how the vehicle is driven, and an on-board smart charger is fitted.

A power tipping cargo box sits behind the two sports-style seats, with a windscreen, wiper and roof included in the standard equipment, as well as a front-mounted winch and adjustable gas-assisted shock absorbers.

The Nipper is priced £12,495 and £15,495, respectively with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries, with the former available for hire at £275 a week.