INVESTMENT IN straw spreading equipment could help Scottish livestock farmers overcome the high price of bedding straw this winter by cutting requirements by up to one-third, according to David Sharp, of Kuhn Farm Machinery.

He points out that many farmers will also save time by upgrading to an efficient mechanised approach, rather than bedding yards manually or using out-dated equipment.

“The labour-saving benefit of modern bedding equipment is an obvious attraction,” he says. “But with straw currently trading at up to £65/tonne plus ex farm in Scotland, the benefits of reducing the amount required is more significant than ever.”

Mr Sharp urges farmers to consider machines’ ability to handle varying straw quality as well as spreading range, capacity and manoeuvrability when reviewing their options.

Kuhn has recently appointed Thomas Sherriff and Co as a main dealer for its complete equipment range. Operating from six outlets across Lothian, Borders and north Northumberland, Sherriff already has the John Deere franchise for its farming and groundcare businesses, so the new agreement with Kuhn is complementary and represents a significant strengthening of its business.