NEW HOLLAND is upping the ante in providing state-of-the-art guidance systems with its drive to equip dealers with the necessary technology.

As these dealerships adopt the technology, more farmers are able to take advantage of the GPS to efficiently use tractors and combines, with accuracy down to 2.5cm.

NH says that accuracy means efficiency; whether that's saving time and fuel costs by following an optimal route harvesting a field for high returns, for example, or covering the maximum area when seeding, spraying or cultivating.

In the UK, there are now 14 New Holland dealerships with Real Time Kinematic (RTK) radio base stations, each giving reliable coverage over about 700 square miles. Five of these also benefit from additional Ntrip technology which expands coverage to 2100 square miles by broadcasting via mobile phone, with accuracy of between 2.5cm and 3.5cm.

The RTK system works though a radio station providing a fixed point for the GPS to track the working vehicle, providing any corrections if needed. A network of repeaters ensures best coverage.

New Holland's precision farming specialist, John Downes, said: "We know that GPS guidance will only become more important as time goes on, and New Holland customers are welcoming RTK coverage increasing around the country at affordable prices.

"We already have large areas covered by our networks and the advantages are clear: greater efficiency makes for better business by cutting wasted costs, time and energy. It's a smart investment.

"Our dealerships understand how useful this system is proving to customers and many are planning to extend their coverage. So if you have any questions about coverage, technical issues or prices, visit a branch and find out more."

A new radio base station unlocks New Holland Precision Land Management's (PLM) range of products to simplify fleet management and mapping, such as the EZ Pilot system. This uses an electric motor drive with GPS guidance to steer the wheel for the tractor's operator. It means the operator can focus on other tasks such as sprayer or planter performance, improving job quality and crop yields while reducing fatigue.

A team of vehicles can be marshalled with improved communications delivered by PLM and their progress and location displayed on a single computer screen.

Recent RTK installations include Agricar, in Scotland; Burdens Group, in Lincolnshire; Wiltshire-based TH White; RES Tractors, in Leicestershire; Haynes Agricultural, in South-east England; and G and J Pecks, in Cambridgeshire. Several more are planned.