NEW additions to its catalogue will mark spares business, Spaldings' return to the Royal Highland Show for the first time in five years.

Within that time-scale, it has accrued up to 5000 agricultural customers in Scotland and Northern England, and brought more than 4000 new products to market.

New for this show willl be its wireless dynamic weigh bridge (pictured), the Phobi Smoke Pro 90 smoke generators and the Spaldings TDR cultivator.

The wireless weighbridge follows talks with an Italian weigh system manufacturer over the last six months to develop it specifically for the agricultural market.

The complete kit retails at just £6995 and consists of a wooden levelling track to ensure stable and accurate reading, wireless aluminium weighing platforms with six stainless steel load cells per pad to provide accuracy of +/- 5kg and a digital colour weight indicator unit with touch screen and printer.

It is easy to install, portable and most importantly accurate, providing peace of mind. Its 'weigh in motion' feature provides an accurate record of weights entering and leaving the farm.

The Phobi Smoke Pro 90 is a smoke generator for use in conjunction with a structural insecticide spray in empty grain stores for the control of rust-red flour beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, grain weevil, flour moth and grain mite. Each generator can cover 570m3 of treated space and it comes in packs of 12 canisters for £336.

Spaldings is at Stand 53, Avenue B.