A HEAP of improvements to Case IH’s giant Quadtrac tractors showcased at Cereals.

New features for the flagship four-tracked tractors, include upgrades to its Advanced Farming System (AFS) precision technology.

Speed of shift in the powershift transmission has been improved via the installation of updated hydraulic valve and enhanced electronic control logic, which also reduces parasitic power losses.

Transmission efficiency is further boosted by way of a redesigned oil reservoir, relocation of the pto drain and the use of a new tandem transmission oil pump.

It all boils down to the time taken to shift from first to 16th gear has been cut by approximately 20% using a package of improvements that is calculated to save between 2% and 5% of engine horsepower.

Forward/reverse shuttle shift response is also faster for headland turning, resulting in a 38% increase in shuttling speed.

Case IH’s new steering system reduces the number of steering wheel revolutions required to turn between full lock positions from six to four, while also cutting the effort required to make steering turns.

And, when the tractor exceeds 35 kmh, the system switches from field to road mode, indicated on the A-post information display and provides increased steering sensitivity during high-speed road travel.

The new AccuGuide advanced line acquisition system gives a better engagement of auto steer when entering a new bout, getting the tractor on line faster.

Other Quadtrac updates include an automatic differential lock. Similar to that already used in Magnum tractors, it provides full drive to all four tracks at all times, and is engaged via a button on the Multicontroller armrest.

The lock is disengaged automatically if forward speed exceeds 25km/hr or a pre-set steering angle is exceeded. Auto disengagement can be manually overridden for work in especially tough conditions.

They can also now come as standard with a new 360-degree LED lighting package, providing 3000 lumen of illumination to improve night-time working conditions.

It will also be a first Cereals for Case IH’s new 270hp and 300hp Optum tractors and revised 140 series Axial-Flow combines.

The smaller line of Axial-Flow combines are targeted at mid-sized farms and contracting businesses looking for high output, simple maintenance and ease of operation.

New features including smaller concave sections to make cleaning and changing easier, a higher-capacity six-auger grain transfer system beneath the concaves, while revised Cross-Flow cleaning for an improved sample. There is also a front track option.