The new 4m Claydon Hybrid T4 trailed drill and 6m Claydon TerraStar light cultivator worked for the first time in public at Cereals.

Claydon Drills’ Stand 1057 will have examples of the company’s Hybrid T4 and T6 trailed drills, 3m fertiliser drill, 4.8m Hybrid mounted drill, 15m straw harrow and 6m TerraStar.

The T4 Hybrid is based on Claydon’s min-till crop establishment system which it has perfected over the last 14years, and like its larger stable mates, the Hybrid T4 can be used to deliver seed only or a combination of seed and fertiliser, as favoured in Scotland.

The new drill will sow directly into stubble, in min-till situations or on ploughed/cultivated land, across a wide range of soils, conditions and crops.

This versatile, flexible, simple and cost system has 13 individually adjustable tungsten carbide leading tines, optimising drainage and creating tilth for the seeding zone. The following seeding tines create additional tilth and place the seed at the required depth, above the drainage channel.

This system is aimed at encouraging deep, complex rooting structures which ultimately leads to stronger, healthier crops, according to Claydon.

Supported on the tractor’s lower link arms, the Hybrid 4 has a 3500-litre hopper, independent of the seeding chassis, which allows the seeding depth to remain constant regardless of the load in the hopper.

Measuring 7.92m long and 2.95m high, the new model has seven support wheels which are fitted with 10.00/75-15.3 deep-cleated tyres.

Folding to 3m wide for transport, it weighs approximately 6000kg and has single-point depth control, a stainless steel Accord metering system and an RDS Artemis control system which provides variable-rate seeding.

Options include four cameras to enable the operator to monitor the drill from the tractor cab, six work lights, blockage sensors and a front tool bar to carry cutting discs or press wheels.

Claydon TerraStar is a fast, efficient, effective cultivator with a minimum of wearing parts. Weighing 1750kg and with a working width of 6m, it is recommended for use behind a 110kW-plus (150hp) tractor to achieve the 15 kp/h forward speed (9.3mph) required for optimum results.

It has two knife bars on each side and, as its name suggests, has 68 rotating ‘star’ points which pluck 80mm-square divots from the top layer of soil on a 200mm grid pattern to create a shallow cultivation effect. This produces thousands of miniature plugs of soil to form a fine surface tilth.

The aim is to produce 30mm of tilth depending on soil type and conditions, and operating depth can be adjusted to allow multiple passes.

It can also be used as a mechanical weeder, with multiple passes reducing the need for glyphosate, making stubble management easier and reducing slug populations.

Folding to 2.8m for road transport, the TerraStar costs from £15,000, plus VAT.