BULK BATTERY storage, for so long the missing link in the renewable energy chain, is getting cheaper.

Inconsistent supply remains the bugbear of wind and solar power generation, but the advent of affordable battery systems capable of soaking up power at times of excess and releasing it on demand promises to breathe new life into the technologies.

With that in mind, turbine sector heavyweight Northern Power Systems and has now partnered with Eos Energy to supply integrated battery storage systems, offering a product that goes below the £400/kWh installed cost barrier needed to make stored energy markets viable.

The offering combines the safe, low cost Eos Aurora DC battery system with Northern Power’s energy storage inverter, controls, and engineering expertise to provide four hours of usable energy using modular 250kW battery building blocks that can be scaled up for multi-MW applications.

“Batteries represent a significant portion of the performance and cost of an energy storage system,” said Iain Hardie, UK director of sales at Northern Power Systems. “By using the Eos Aurora, we can deliver a fully integrated ESS solution at an all-in, installed price of less than £400/kWh—depending on project size and location but always with the quality, functionality and reliability that is characteristic of Northern Power. We believe this offering will allow more customers than ever to access the benefits of an on-site energy storage system.”

The joint system should be a cost-effective option for utilities who want to provide relief in grid constrained areas or better integrate renewable energy. It is also appropriate for large commercial and industrial facilities looking to lower demand and peak energy charges, or provide resiliency against grid outages.