TWO Scottish butchers have been recognised at the Pigtown Festival, held on the Shannon, in Limerick, where both put on impressive meat displays.

Jamie Syme, of Alex Mitchell Butchers, Glenrothes, and Daniel Earl, from Kilnford Farm Shop, Dumfries, were invited by Garrett Landers, the team manager for the All Ireland team at the 2018 World Butchers Challenge.

Mr Syme won the Meat Skills Scotland competition in May this year, while Mr Earl came runner up in the under-22 category at that same event.

It was noted that although there is not a lot of difference between Irish and Scottish meat producers, the presentation and style of both are slightly different, and so it was a learning experience for both men.

Scottish team leader, Douglas Scott, commented: “Our two team members were excellent representatives and they should be proud of their work. The event took place in front of a very interested public audience and the products created by Jamie and Daniel produced much interest.

“Meat skills are an important point of difference used in both the Republic of Ireland and Scotland to underline the advantages of sourcing meat and meat products from craft butchers shops. We will now look forward to the Irish coming over to Scotland.”