'SIGNIFICANT' new quantities of draff and pot ale syrup are set to be available for Scottish livestock farmers from January 3, 2018, following a review of co-product activities at Diageo’s distilling operations. The additional draff supply will be distributed through KW Scotland

“To have more distillery co-product feeds available from early in the New Year is great news for Scotland’s farmers,” said KW Scotland’s moist feed product manager Rachel Reid. “And it comes at a time when many are running low on forage stocks following a difficult silage-making season.

“Draff has always worked well as a forage replacer in dairy and beef rations, as well as being used as an alternative to dry concentrates where digestible fibre is needed to balance high starch levels.”

Both feeds are also good sources of protein for farmers facing reduced availability of many mid-protein feeds this winter, added Ms Reid. “Recent years have seen big changes in the types of distillery co-product feeds available in Scotland. Farmers have been adapting feeding systems to suit, but this additional volume of draff and pot ale syrup is very welcome.”