As the covey of News International-trained fake news peddlers that got the British people into a frenzy over the European Union based on nothing but lies, what goal did their controller have in mind for the British people? Humiliation?

Yes it is turning into a situation the same as the News of the World, but you cannot close down Britain? Can you?

The multi millionaires of the Tory party, the likes of Rees Mogg and Redfern, are doing damage limitation by moving their money-making empires to Dublin, so that they can have the best of both, and that is just two and I am quite sure that there are many camp followers. We food producers are stuck!

One thing is certain, I would not like to be a Dr Fox patient!

The whole offensive campaign is turning into a Brexsh-t and the only way to describe the situation.

Who farted? Blame the dog!

Angus A Macdonald,