FARMING IS increasingly seen as an ageing profession, with the number of farmers over 65 up by 70% in the last decade – and despite research revealing that over half of the 'millennial' demographic in the UK say that they want to work outdoors, only 1% in Scotland view farming as a desirable career.

In an effort to inspire this next generation, Barclays bank has just launched ‘FarmtheFuture', a nationwide campaign encouraging farmers to plan for their future and to tell young people about the benefits of a career in agriculture.

Adding his support to the campaign is former JLS boyband star and now successful turkey farmer, JB Gill. More recently recognised by his work as a TV presenter on the children’s BBC show ‘Down on the Farm’ – JB is a passionate young farmer who is keen to use his position to engage with the younger generation and showcase the highlights of a career in farming.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions among young people about what a career in agriculture really means,” JB explained. “It is hard, physical work so it keeps you fit, you get to work with animals, you’re your own boss and you can keep up with the trends by posting everything on Instagram for everyone else to see.

“The farming community is really welcoming, providing newcomers with knowledge on everything from tending to animals to financial advice,” he continued. “You don’t need to have your own land to work in agriculture, there are many options from farm management through to the service industries and I would encourage anyone interested to give it some serious consideration – it’s a life like no other,” he urged.

While many farm businesses traditionally pass down through families, farmers with no direct succession are now exploring alternative options, including share farming agreements. These allow new entrants to farm in partnership with the farm owner with much less capital required than starting out alone, and their share of the business can grow over time through profit share.