A FRASERBURGH estate has become the latest victim of a sheep worrying attack.

The Philorth Estate lost a total of 15 nine-month-old Texel-cross lambs as a result of a dog attack some time between 12pm on Friday, January 25, and 9.30am on Saturday, January 26 – and it is thought the carnage could have cost the business as much as £1000.

The dog involved is believed to have been a German Shepherd-type and is described as being large and black and tan in colour. The dog was chased away and ran into a wooded area known as Kirktown Wood.

Ronald Anderson, farm director at Philorth Estates, made the unfortunate discovery has he did his rounds to check on the farms' animals.

He explained: "When I got to the field I saw the dog and it obviously saw me and it jumped over the fence and away into woodland. It hasn't been seen since.

"Some of the dead lambs didn't have a mark on them, so had obviously died of exhaustion or stress, but several of them had bite marks on them as well.

"11 of them were lying dead at that point, but we lost another four in the week afterwards, presumably from the trauma they had been through."

He continued: “We live so close to Fraserburgh, just half a mile away, so we are close to where people walk their dogs. You can’t build a dog-proof fence. We've had very occasional problems in the past, but not for a long, long time.

"Police Scotland contacted me this morning (February 6) to say they haven't heard from anyone on the matter, or located the dog. The worry is that it happens again or to somebody else."

NFU Scotland president, Andrew McCormick, described the incident as, “completely unacceptable and needless.”

He said it was important for dog owners to take extra care when they are around livestock: “We are seeing these kinds of serious incidents far too often and dog owners have to understand that if their pet is not kept on a lead around livestock it is very likely to chase and attack livestock.

“Losing even just one sheep or lamb can be a serious loss to farmers, both financially and mentally, and dog owners need to learn that their carelessness can have serious effects.”

PC Michael Stone, who is dealing with the incident said: “Young animals have sadly died as a result of this incident and we are carrying out enquiries to establish the full circumstances.

“I would ask that anyone who was in the area at the time and witnessed the incident or has any information gets in touch with us on 101 or at Fraserburgh Police Station using reference number CF0023760119.

“Dog owners are reminded that allowing dogs to chase livestock or be at large among livestock is an offence. Dogs are naturally curious and have an instinct to attack so it is recommended that they are always kept on a lead under close control.

"Livestock owners are legally entitled to protect their animals, which can result in the destruction of the dog if necessary to protect the lives of other animals.”