LANDOWNERS are being asked to detail how they involve local communities in their decisions about land use.

The Scottish Land Commission this week launched a survey looking at community engagement, and wants to hear from anyone with control over the way land is used or managed.

The SLC wants land owners, land managers and communities to work together to make better – and fairer – decisions about land use, arguing that clear and open engagement can bring benefits to all parties involved. It has already issued guidance on the subject, and now wants to review the effectiveness of that guidance with a 'snapshot' of how community engagement is currently undertaken in Scotland.

SLC advisor Helen Barton explained: “We want to hear from anyone with control over the way land is used or managed in both urban and rural Scotland. The survey is relevant for all private and public sector owners of land and buildings, including individuals, companies, charities and trusts, non-governmental organisations and community owners. It is also relevant to tenants of any sort who have control over land.

“The information provided will not include any personal identifying information and we will collate and analyse the responses to see where there are trends by area and sector."

The survey will be open for responses until the end of May 2019 and can be found at: