AN attack on sheep by two unrestrained dogs grabbed the headlines down south last week, as it was reported that the owner of the flock shot the dogs dead and then delivered them to the door of their owner.

An Alsation and Akita belonging to local millionaire David Kowitz were reportedly shot by East Sussex farmer Frank Langrish and one of his shepherds, when they found them running loose in a field. As well as killing six sheep, they maimed a further eight, which then had to be put down.

Mr Langrish allegedly confronted Mr Kowitz at his home – local mansion, Fairlight Hall – where he presented him with the dead dogs in what was reported to the Times newspaper as ‘a message to the owner, because locals in the area had been living in fear of his dogs’.

Mr Kowitz has reportedly apologised and blamed house guests for letting the dogs loose: “Our containment system failed on a night of major activity at the house — and before we could complete our plans to rehome the dogs. We keep dogs for our security but failed you by not ensuring they were not mistakenly released by house guests. Our sincere apologies.”